Thursday, March 25, 2010

Concept of deceptive

What is the concept of deceptive shot?
For us, concept of deceptive shot is to make our opponent move before we hit the shuttle. Not to wait for our opponent to move first.
There is two way of deceptive,
1. Front and back
2. left and right
This two is using a totally different way but can combine it as long as you know the way.


steven wong said...

good topic

david said...

Very interested in deception - I've practised a few deceiving drops from the rear court, but want to improve deception on my return of serve.

Do you have any tips?!

How, for instance, is this deception achieved?

Thank you

Sue said...

Hi david, PG start using deceptive shot this 1 to 2 years. From the clip, PG stop his racket a while and the pull back change his racket angle and hit. That is only one angle, need to learn from all angle that would be perfect.

david said...

Thanks, very interesting.