Monday, March 1, 2010

Tshirts On-the-Way!

For those who have participated in the Tees giveaway previously, we have posted out your T-shirts today!

Do alert us when you have received them! =)

Tees Giveaway List
1. Shawn (Australia)
2. Desmond
3. CL Gee
4. Jimmy
5. George
6. Boris
7. Eric (Taiwan)
8. EC Low
9. Erricsson
10. CY Chuah
11. LY Tham
12. Steven (Canada)


eechng said...

Thanks ^___^

George said...

Thanks bro, i already got the shirt:)

EeChng said...

Thanks elvin, i had received it already,thanks. I'm proud to have that

HBK said...

Just received it today! Thanks a lot!!

boris said...

got mine. thanks a lot!

steven wong said...

thank you elvin, i got the t-shirt already... very generous of you sending me nice t-shirts through expensive mail... Thanks again.


Lawrence Leong said...

Excuse me, may I know when will I get the T-shirt sponsored by Asadi for the Badminton Tees Giveaway because I haven't received it yet and my name isn't in this list as well...

Sue said...

Hi lawrence, could you forward me again the email you send to me?