Thursday, February 25, 2010

how to use strength

Once, when i was warming with my friend which is around my age. He was trained by another coach when small. Then we was played clearing. I can see he use a lot of energy to swing but i only use around 50 to 60 percent of my energy is quite relaxing.
Then he came to ask me why his power lost to me even his forearm is bigger than me.
Back to the point, basic which i mention last time is most important for fully utilize our strength. But i did not mention how to use the strength of our wrist.

I feel many people think bending their wrist a lot before hit the shuttle will use the strength of the wrist, this is definitely wrong. Using the power on the wrist is by the concept on how to strike and let it bend behind automatically.
"When we are sitting the a car, the driver suddenly step on the gas paddle, our body force to go backward a little bit, this is the theory we all know".
So, do not hold the racket hard which just use little energy only enough to make the hand and wrist steady. So when the last moment to strike, palm will open a little bit and wrist will bend backward a little bit. This movement is very short and you can not feel it was there. And then hold the racket hard and use the wrist to push over at the same time.

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