Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basic swing

Basic swing is very important because we cannot let our opponent able to judge what shot we hit. So clearing, smashing, droping, chop net, cutting. with the same basic swing.

shoulder and hand - flat, chest and hand - flat, elbow - v shape, hand near our ear, racket and hand - as straight as possible. when we want to hit the shuttle, able to see 1, opponent, 2, shuttle, 3 racket.

when the time to hit, hand push up from behind and chest open wide a little bit at the same time, and then use strength of the forearm and wrist to hit the shuttle. final thing is body has to be loose and steady, don't move too much.

most mistake i see,

1. wrist bend backward or to the side before hit,

2. hand push forward up causing the wrist bend backward, and when the shuttle over head, will not enough energy to hit.

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