Friday, January 22, 2010

Background Story of Mr. Teh Peng Huat

I started playing badminton when I was 16 years old. Back then, there were no badminton coach and neither there is a decent badminton court for me to practice in. I didn’t gave up and started to do my own research and studies on the game of badminton back then.

In 1956, I started my first badminton coaching and this was successful as I never stop coaching for 20 years since then. However, I had to put a halt on my coaching career due to family financial problems and because of this I had to work at the rubber plantation to support my family.

After almost 13 years, I went back to my coaching career again and at that time, the startup of my coaching was difficult. Students come and go but I was determined and continued to coach even the amount of students became lesser than before.

Years passed, I still kept on teaching with the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained. Until today, the number of student exceeds thousands and many among them had become very successful.

My profession as a badminton coach has also proven with flying results. My coaching career was recognized and I received the best coach award in 2004. With a strong determination and the knowledge that I had, I truly believed that my coaching will help the students will become a very successful badminton player in the future.

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MegaMortal said...

Your badminton history is very inspiring, indeed! You've inspired me to play and train badminton even more. I wish I could be training with you all day in Malaysia! :)
Anyways, what you're doing, you're doing well, so keep going. Your coaching skills are most admirable, and I've even learned something just by following this website! =)